Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back from holiday!

After a few days off for holiday we are getting back into the studio.  The needle pouch section is looking rather empty!  I have been super busy with a few custom orders and have not had a chance to replenish the available pouches in the shop.  I do have one new case that I just released.  Check it out!

Available now in the shop!
I do have a few custom orders to finish this weekend but should be able to get a new pouch or two in the shop this coming week.  It is supposed to be a beautiful sunny weekend which makes for a great atmosphere in the studio.  I tried to capture this beauty below but did not have much luck.  It is so much prettier than this! 

The sun coming in the windows bouncing off the yellow just makes it so nice to work in!

This is the wonderful new chair my hubby got me.  SO much easier for me to work in.

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