Monday, April 23, 2012

New Item and Custom Requests

Happy Monday everyone!  We have a new pouch that has been posted to the shop.  If you have not already seen "Elegance", stop by and check it out.  Here are a few shots of this beautiful case.

I have had a lot of people asking if I take custom orders.  The answer is YES!  In fact, most of the work I have been doing lately is custom orders.  This explains the lack of new items in the shop.  I will do two types of custom orders.

Client provided fabrics:  If you have a specific fabric that you want your case made out of I will work with it.  A lot of people have knitting bags or project bags that they would like their cases to match.  I totally get it!  Send your fabrics our way, we will gladly work with you and your fabrics.

Pick from our stash:  Did you favorite a pouch with intentions of getting it come payday and someone beat you to it!?  As long as I can still get my hands on the fabric I will gladly make one for you.  If you also have in mind something you would like but don't see it in my stash I will work with you to find what you are looking for.  Below are some pictures of things I currently have in stash.  Please make sure to look at our past sales to get ideas of some of the pouches we have done.

As always, never hesitate to convo through Etsy or email me at  Cheers!

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