Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Trinity's Trinkets Studio

After talking about my new studio I thought it would be nice to share that studio with you.  I'm tempted to post the before and after.  But frankly the before is just a bit scary.  The after is so much better!
 This is where most of the magic happens.  My desk is a old trundle sewing machine.  Yes the machine is actually in there, yes it does work, and yes I use it!  Maybe one day I will give you a peak at one of my most prized possessions.  The window is wonderful for light and I have a bird feeder just outside I can see all the beautiful birds.
 Extra seating for a crafty friend and of course some crafty books.  You can just see my window bench at the far end.  A better picture is below.
 Ahhh the thrown!  That chair is my knitting thrown.  Yes I do spin yarn as well.  This is a newer hobby that has not yet advanced to the shop stage.  But this may be a sign of things to come ;-)
 My window nook.  This is another great addition to my studio.  It gives me a place to sit and think of my creations and create fun blog entries.
 Well now we put that studio and me to work!  Here I am working on a new knitting needle pouch for the shop.
 SNEAK PEAK!!!  This will be posting to the shop by the end of the week.
Oh yes, I should probably mention the studio mascot, he would be very upset if I did not.  This is Blackbeard!  This is one spoiled lazy kitty!  But he loves hanging with momma in the studio.  I have even caught the little rascal in my thrown!

Well that is it!  Trinity's Trinkets Studio.  I hope you have enjoyed your little tour.

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